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What is going on with Paul Apps Fine Art

IMG_9743-5Well it has been a while and for that I apologise first and foremost.. I have to add that Catherine and I moved home recently. After most of 2014 selling we completed and moved to our new home on the Romney Marshes in late January this year.

So for as long as I can remember of late all I have seen are masses of card board boxes…everywhere.

The studio in Hythe has been ticking over quite happily with my teaching classes being almost full. I do have to say that apart from a few successful painting demonstrations to my students and a couple of art societies, little painting has been completed.

I am now painting in the studio once again and have posted several small studies of Venice and the Sands near my new home on my Facebook page at Paul Apps Fine Art

I am planning several new wildlife images this year, as well as marking the return to my childhood home of the Romney Marshes and the coastal areas around it with the start of many new studies. I have been on or around the Romney Marshes for most of my life and yet as an artist I have very sadly never fully appreciated its beauty. The wealth of information available is enormous and offers plenty of challenges to me over the coming years.

Since moving back I have been making sketches most days of the coast and sea, completing one study as mentioned. There are so many more to look forward to, and cannot wait to fully settle in with Catherine to have even more time to paint.

In the meantime I am now back to my normal opening hours at the studio in Hythe

10am to 5pm on Fridays and Saturdays, please feel free to pop along and have a chat as I work, and see many originals, prints and books on offer from me.

contact me on paul@paulapps.com. My website and newsletter is at www.paulappsfineart.com

best wishes




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