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What’s New ?

Following hot on the heels of last nights launch of my new 100 for 100 project, I have been doing some major work today upon my website.

You know it does not take long for it to become tired and a little outdated. The guys who generate the software for this website are always creating valuable updates, so I have in a way been caught napping.

I have I am glad to say have fully revamped my online shop. I am so pleased with it, as it is now so very easy to navigate and to buy my artwork. Everything is just a few clicks for you to own my  limited edition prints, books, dvd videos, workshops even! Lets not forget the availability of buying my original paintings directly from the artist.

Even my new 100 for 100 originals

It really has not ever been this easy.

Here’s a quick link o that new ‘ONLINE SHOP’

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