Sunday Art Workshop – 26th November

The final Sunday art workshop of 2017 will be on Sunday 26th November and there’s just a few spaces left…

The topic for this session will be a one of out iconic British birds and the medium is oils/acrylics.

Robin Study by Paul Apps U.A.

Birds a wonderful topic to paint as they are both delicate and yet robust. The workshop will show you how to capture the character of a bird, whether it is the inquisitiveness of a robin, the grace of a swan or the intelligence of a raven.

Alongside this, we will be focussing on tricky areas when painting birds, such as plumage and proportion.

Peregrine Study by Paul Apps U.A. £525

The workshop starts at 10am and runs to around 4.30pm.  Lunch is included, as are teas and coffees.  Please bring your own painting equipment, I can provide drawing boards if necessary.

The cost for the day is £90 pp.

For further details and to book please see my website.

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