Gift Vouchers – An Ideal Christmas Gift!

Have you noticed, now that it’s autumn, how quickly Christmas seems to appear over the horizon?

Already shops are filling up with Christmas cards, gifts and food whilst restaurants are taking bookings for the big day.

Peene Church, near Folkestone by Paul Apps U.A.

All this means that we will all have to start soon giving some thought to what to buy for our loved ones, always a difficult decision to get right!

Why not indulge the artist in your life with a gift voucher from Paul Apps Fine Art?

The voucher can be for any amount and can be used for anything the recipient may want, from artist materials, through to art lessons, demo evenings or art workshops.

A voucher can even be put towards that long held dream of a commission or an original oil painting by Paul Apps – the choice is yours!

Road to Preston Village in Winter by Paul Apps U.A.

Gift vouchers can be purchased at the gallery or ordered via the website. Please include ‘gift voucher’ in the tag line.

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