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More Cornwall news!

I’ve just returned from my painting trip to Cornwall and had a great time. It really is a wonderful part of the country.

I’m also very delighted to announce that I’m now working with the prestigious Waterside Gallery in St Mawes, just along the coast from Truro!

Of the 22 paintings I completed during by trip, I sold one painting immediately upon completion and the remaining 21 were snapped up by Waterside Gallery, who absolutely loved them.  The paintings will be exhibited and sold there.

The Waterside Gallery, St Mawes, Cornwall.

The gallery showcases work by local artists as well as those who artists love to paint Cornwall and Cornish themes.

The Waterside Gallery is located right on the water’s edge in the beautiful village of St Mawes, surrounded by stunning scenery such as this, the view just outside the very front of the gallery. A perfect location for my Cornish paintings!

View from the Waterside Gallery looking towards Carricknath Point and Falmouth Bay.

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In the news…

I’m in the news! The Kentish Express (Romney Marsh) has a feature on my painting, In the Shadows, being shortlisted for the prestigious David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s (DWSF) Artist of the Year Award.

In the Shadows by Paul Apps U.A.

The article, by Rachel Wood, is on page 22 and explains all about the competition which will be judged on the 27th June at The Mall Galleries, London.

The feature details the background to the painting and how the wildlife of Africa inspires me.  It includes photo of the painting and even one of yours truly!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed as to the result but, regardless, I’m delighted to support the good work of the DWSF in supporting endangered African and Asian wildlife.

I’ll keep you all updated as to my progress in the competition!

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Painting with Priscilla…

Priscilla and painting kit

As you’re aware from a previous post a week or so ago, I’ve recently brought an ex-trade bike which I can use to get off of the beaten track when I’m painting en plain air on the Romney Marsh.

The bike,’ Priscilla” the new lady in my life, is perfect as I can carry all of my painting gear in the basket on the front or towed behind me in a small trailer.

What’s even better is that I can now get to places that I couldn’t in the car and I can now stop and paint at my leisure without worrying about parking on the winding country roads.

As such, I’m finding some wonderful Marsh scenes that I just couldn’t reach before and have been busily painting them when weather allows!  These new paintings are currently drying but will be available to purchase shortly.

A new painting in progress

Strangely enough, I find I’m even covering less mileage on the bike than I was in the car, so another added bonus is a big saving on petrol.  Happy days!

So, if you see myself and Priscilla on our travels stop and say hello!

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Feeling nostalgic…

Tempest Warriors

After a conversation with one of my students at one of my weekly art classes on how difficult it can be to break into the art world, I began thinking about the beginnings of my career as a professional artist.  Way back in the mid-80’s, I was working in the public sector and painting in my spare time. Luckily, two paintings of mine, Tempest Warriors and Resplendent Rains, were reproduced as fine art prints by Solomon & Whitehead Guild Printers, a highly respected art dealer and printing company.  These two prints were phenomenally successful and kick-started my  professional artistic career. Although the original paintings and print run are now long sold, I  have kept one copy of each for myself, a happy reminder of a really important moment in my life.  I also admit to feeling a little nostalgic about them!

Resplendent Rains

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Cornwall National Trust 2017

Yours truly painting at Botollack from the National Trust Images website

When I was down in Cornwall painting last year, lots of people would stop to watch and chat, while a few took photos of me as I worked. Usually, I don’t hear from the people again and just take the contact as a pleasant part and parcel of painting En Plein Air.  However, this week I received an email by a nice Slovakian lady, Natalia Burianova, who I met whilst I was painting on the side of the cliffs at Botollack.  It turns out that she’s a volunteer park ranger for Cornwall National Trust and she forwarded her pictures of me to the Trust for their Images website.  Natalia emailed me to let me know that these images of me have been used in the National Trust Cornwall 2017 booklet which is available at National Trust Information Centres!  I’m not mentioned by name but I’m delighted that my image was used as I support the work of the Trust in protecting the natural environment.

Painting in progress from the National Trust Images website

This is the painting that I completed during that visit when I met Natalia and it’s for sale at £450.  See website for further details and to purchase.

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Coming to the rescue…

Ready to release the Herring gull…

I was out with the dogs early yesterday morning on Dymchurch beach and found a very sick Herring gull on the sand, probably a female by the size of the head.  First of all I thought she might have been poisoned but there were signs of dog paw prints in the sand suggesting that she’d been cornered and worried by dogs.  It’s likely that she was stressed and exhausted by trying to defend herself.  I thought it best to take her home where she could at least die in peace and dignity rather than being the target for further attacks.

Fighting me on the beach…

After getting the bird home, Catherine and I fed her on dog food (the dogs weren’t too happy!) and also tinned tuna (which was my lunch!) and, by this morning we were delighted to find that she could stand and had regained her strength.  So this morning I was back on the beach early to release her.  She wasn’t particularly grateful for our careful ministrations as she proceeded to attack me and, at one point, the gull was hanging off of my arm!  Still, she’s back with her fellow gulls and hopefully all’s now well.  I’ll keep an eye out though over the next week just in case she’s still in need of help.

And she’s gone.

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A new lady in my life…

As an En Plein Air painter I’m often out and about on the Romney Marsh looking for atmospheric landscapes which inspire me to paint.  Unfortunately, doing this by car means that I miss some of the best views, either because I can’t stop anywhere close or the entirety of the view is obscured from the road.  So I brought a bike! I spotted this old 1950’s styled delivery bicycle in a cycle shop and, with a little care and attention, she’s now ready to join me on my En Plain Air rambles.  I’ve called her Priscilla and she’ll easily be able to carry all my art materials and be able to take me off the beaten track in search of new inspiration. I’ll keep you updated on our adventures!

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I just wanted to say such a wonderful thank you to all the many clients and new friends that have purchased and supported my work during 2016. Clients and friends who have found me via my website and social media and all those who have found me painting away in my new gallery/studio in Hythe, Kent.

Thank you

I wish you all such a very happy and prosperous 2017, may it be a happy and safe one for all. I hope that I see many of you in my gallery or exchanging messages on my web or other social media during the coming year. 

Your comments and continued  support of my efforts as an artist are so warmly welcome and I so look forward to working in and out of my studio during 2017.

Many new ideas are taking shape for the new year, more wildlife paintings, both in oils and watercolour. En plein air studies will of course play a major part of my work, exploring the light, sea and landscape of my native Romney Marshes and surrounding areas. Some of these will be worked up into larger works.

New prints and greetings cards, teaching workshops and weekly classes. see website for details.


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Happy Christmas from Paul and Catherine Apps


Merry Christmas to all……

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Friday 25th and Saturday  26th November 2016  only for  


Outstanding deals on my limited edition fine art prints


0ff all prices across the board

( Normal Postage and packing costs apply)

Black Friday limited edition print deals

Below are just a few of those on offer click on the link above to see all on offer.

Great ideas for Christmas gifts and save !!!!

Don’t forget during the lead up to Christmas an advent original painting will be on offer for one day only from my Gallery in Hythe. First come first served. Originals will be 40% off the normal gallery price for that day only. ( Don’t forget easy, no cost payments over 6moths on any original over £200.00)


 Was £30.00 now only £15.000061_waterhole_gang_1_t

Was £84.00 now only £42.000023_grace_and_elegance_f

Was £53.00 now only £26.50


Was £84.00 now only £42.00

0176. Young Maasai

Was £36.00 now only £18.000158 Lord Duma

Was £41.00 now only £20.500049. Storm Chaser

Was £84.00 now only £42.00

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