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Hythe Late Night Shopping Event – Friday 1st December

Friday 1st December is Hythe’s late night shopping event!

Always a fun and lively evening, the annual late night shopping event is hotly anticipated and kick-starts the build-up to Christmas. There’ll be a wide variety of street entertainers, food and drink stalls and a visit from Santa and his reindeer.

Sunset, Fisherman’s Beach, Hythe. Oil on board. £2,250



An original framed oil painting will be available with a HUGE 40% OFF the retail price for just 24 hours only!!

Paintings in the offer will change daily and there’ll be a wide range of subject matter on offer, so there’s something for every taste and budget.


Alongside this unique offer, there’s and a wide selection of beautiful original oil paintings, watercolours, art materials, gifts and cards, with prints and framed prints at 20% off.

Mara Cheetah. Oil on board. £1,250

So, drop into the gallery, have a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine and join in the fun – hope to see you there!

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Countdown to Christmas


This year, as last year,  I’ll be running a ‘Countdown to Christmas’ at my gallery where a specially selected paintings will be available for sale at a huge 40% off the retail price!

Each offered work will be for 24 hours only.

This festive offer will run from Friday 1st December through to Saturday 23rd December and the chosen painting will be available in the gallery window and online at the discounted price for just 24 hours only.

If you are not local and wish to see the offers as they are presented, I will add you to the short term email newsletter for this very purpose. It is a separate newsletter for this offer only. Email me directly on to register and to get an early chance of securing a real bargain.

Winter Snow by Paul Apps U.A.

The selected subjects will include local scenes, maritime, wildlife and en plein air originals, so there will be something to suit every taste.

There’ll also be a wide range of original paintings, watercolours, prints, art materials and gifts available as well as my fine art Christmas cards.

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Gift Vouchers – An Ideal Christmas Gift!

Have you noticed, now that it’s autumn, how quickly Christmas seems to appear over the horizon?

Already shops are filling up with Christmas cards, gifts and food whilst restaurants are taking bookings for the big day.

Peene Church, near Folkestone by Paul Apps U.A.

All this means that we will all have to start soon giving some thought to what to buy for our loved ones, always a difficult decision to get right!

Why not indulge the artist in your life with a gift voucher from Paul Apps Fine Art?

The voucher can be for any amount and can be used for anything the recipient may want, from artist materials, through to art lessons, demo evenings or art workshops.

A voucher can even be put towards that long held dream of a commission or an original oil painting by Paul Apps – the choice is yours!

Road to Preston Village in Winter by Paul Apps U.A.

Gift vouchers can be purchased at the gallery or ordered via the website. Please include ‘gift voucher’ in the tag line.

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Commissions… An ideal gift

All artists love a commission as it enables them to create a piece of work that is deeply personal to the client and which is much more personal than a just photograph.

Black Labrador by Paul Apps U.A.

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to have been commissioned to paint a wide variety of different paintings from beloved pets through to family members and everything in between… I’ve even been commissioned to paint a race horse!

Aldaniti by Paul Apps U.A.

Throughout this time my price for a commissioned piece, dependent upon size, has remained the same.  Sadly, though, in line with increasing costs, my charge for commissions will have to increase from January 2018.

However, all commissions received before the end of 2017 will remain at the pre-increase price even if it is not required until 2018.  So now is the ideal time to commission that painting of a family member or pet that you’ve been thinking about!

Chris by Paul Apps U.A.

Commissions make ideal gifts and are something to treasure, enjoy and pass on as a family investment.  For a no obligation discussion about commissioning a painting please contact me via my website.

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Paul Apps Fine Art Collector’s Club

Last Light Springbok by Paul Apps. 12″ x 18″ Oil on canvas. £1,400.

As you may be aware, I’m a passionate supporter of wildlife conservation and, through charity auctions, sales of paintings and personal donations, have raised thousands for animal charities over the years.

The charities I’ve given support to include the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, Save The Rhino, Africat and Tuskforce.

Lord Duma by Paul Apps U.A. Limited edition fine art lithograph 220m x 400mm. £20.50.

To continue to support this work, I have recently set up PACF (Paul Apps Conservation Fund) to enable me to have more control over where the money I donate is spent.

I want the money to be used to directly aid conservation efforts on the ground rather than disappearing into Director’s salaries and advertising costs!

Right Behind My Mum by Paul Apps U.A.  8″ x 11″ Oil on canvas. £695.

To support PACF I have set up a new venture, the Paul Apps Fine Art Collector’s Club.

This club, exclusively for those who have collected my work over the years, provides great membership benefits including 25% off selected original paintings, 50% off selected prints and an exclusive opportunity to purchase selected limited edition prints (run of 30).

To aid conservation 10% of all the money raised through sales to club members will go to PACF to fund vital conservation work.

Namibian Whispers by Paul Apps U.A. 16″ x 30″ Oil on canvas. £3,950.

So, if you’ve brought my work in the past, want to know further details about the Collector’s Club and/or would like to become a member, please email me via the Gallery website with the tagline ‘Collector’s Club’.

Young Maasai by Paul Apps U.A.

Limited edition fine art lithograph. 280mm x 200mm. £18.00 + pp.

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Commission – Italianate Garden

Commissions are important to artists.  Not only are they a validation of your art, as people have chosen you and your work specifically, they provide an opportunity to really create a painting that is deeply personal to the client.

That being so, I was pleased to be able to be commissioned recently to paint a beautiful Italianate garden, not my usual subject of dogs, pets and people but an enjoyable challenge nonetheless!

Garden Loggia by Paul Apps (private commission).

The cool of the shady loggia and the inviting waters of the pool contrasts so well with the vibrant blue of the sky and acid green of the hedging.  It really gives a sense of the lazy heat of a Mediterranean afternoon.

The painting was commissioned by a friend of mine who was delighted with the result!

If you would like to commission an original painting, either for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, please contact the gallery to discuss your requirements.

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More Cornwall news!

I’ve just returned from my painting trip to Cornwall and had a great time. It really is a wonderful part of the country.

I’m also very delighted to announce that I’m now working with the prestigious Waterside Gallery in St Mawes, just along the coast from Truro!

Of the 22 paintings I completed during by trip, I sold one painting immediately upon completion and the remaining 21 were snapped up by Waterside Gallery, who absolutely loved them.  The paintings will be exhibited and sold there.

The Waterside Gallery, St Mawes, Cornwall.

The gallery showcases work by local artists as well as those who artists love to paint Cornwall and Cornish themes.

The Waterside Gallery is located right on the water’s edge in the beautiful village of St Mawes, surrounded by stunning scenery such as this, the view just outside the very front of the gallery. A perfect location for my Cornish paintings!

View from the Waterside Gallery looking towards Carricknath Point and Falmouth Bay.

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In the news…

I’m in the news! The Kentish Express (Romney Marsh) has a feature on my painting, In the Shadows, being shortlisted for the prestigious David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s (DWSF) Artist of the Year Award.

In the Shadows by Paul Apps U.A.

The article, by Rachel Wood, is on page 22 and explains all about the competition which will be judged on the 27th June at The Mall Galleries, London.

The feature details the background to the painting and how the wildlife of Africa inspires me.  It includes photo of the painting and even one of yours truly!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed as to the result but, regardless, I’m delighted to support the good work of the DWSF in supporting endangered African and Asian wildlife.

I’ll keep you all updated as to my progress in the competition!

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Painting with Priscilla…

Priscilla and painting kit

As you’re aware from a previous post a week or so ago, I’ve recently brought an ex-trade bike which I can use to get off of the beaten track when I’m painting en plain air on the Romney Marsh.

The bike,’ Priscilla” the new lady in my life, is perfect as I can carry all of my painting gear in the basket on the front or towed behind me in a small trailer.

What’s even better is that I can now get to places that I couldn’t in the car and I can now stop and paint at my leisure without worrying about parking on the winding country roads.

As such, I’m finding some wonderful Marsh scenes that I just couldn’t reach before and have been busily painting them when weather allows!  These new paintings are currently drying but will be available to purchase shortly.

A new painting in progress

Strangely enough, I find I’m even covering less mileage on the bike than I was in the car, so another added bonus is a big saving on petrol.  Happy days!

So, if you see myself and Priscilla on our travels stop and say hello!

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Feeling nostalgic…

Tempest Warriors

After a conversation with one of my students at one of my weekly art classes on how difficult it can be to break into the art world, I began thinking about the beginnings of my career as a professional artist.  Way back in the mid-80’s, I was working in the public sector and painting in my spare time. Luckily, two paintings of mine, Tempest Warriors and Resplendent Rains, were reproduced as fine art prints by Solomon & Whitehead Guild Printers, a highly respected art dealer and printing company.  These two prints were phenomenally successful and kick-started my  professional artistic career. Although the original paintings and print run are now long sold, I  have kept one copy of each for myself, a happy reminder of a really important moment in my life.  I also admit to feeling a little nostalgic about them!

Resplendent Rains

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