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Article for Paint Magazine

I’ve been asked to contribute an article for March’s edition of the Paint Magazine!

The article is a stage-by-stage piece where I create a painting from a photograph, in this case this beautiful female mallard.

Mallard (oil on board14″ x 10″) by Paul Apps U.A.

Each stage is discussed (with lots of hints and tips!) and illustrated with a photograph so that readers can follow each stage and paint their own version.

Paint Magazine is exclusive to members of SAA (Society for All Artists), the world’s biggest online art community who I am delighted to be a part of.

The magazine is full of news, articles, competitions, offers and step-by-step guides and is aimed primarily at leisure artists of all levels of experience to help them develop their creativity.

So, if you’d like to develop your creativity with like-minded others why not join the SAA?  There’s something for everyone!

The Mallard is currently drying but will soon be available framed at £650.  To register your interest, please contact the gallery.

My latest exhibition of landscapes and seascapes is now on at Green Chair Gallery until 9th February.

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Article for the ‘The Paint’ Magazine

I am once again in the Society of All Artists’ (SAA) The Paint magazine!  This reputable magazine is for the members of the SAA and it runs a regular step-by-step painting feature by an professional artist and this time around it was my turn.

The double page article was how I transformed a standard holiday snapshot of a family group at the  beach into this magical painting which captures the joy and adventure of discovering the seaside for the very first time.

I went through each stage of creating the painting, (illustrated with photos), from choosing the right composition to describing which tones/colours to use, with lots of handy hints and tips for the amateur painter along the way.

I was very pleased with the final result and the original painting has recently sold finding a new home very fast.

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New Painting on the Easel

Tiger Cubs

No working title as yet

This is my latest painting in oil on the easel a 16″ x 24″ oil upon canvas 

These two little ones were referenced at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Smarden UK in 2012.

This is after the first few days of work, all blocked in. I am now going to start glazing in details over the next few days.

I shall post as I go, I hope that you enjoy seeing this work evolve to its conclusion.

all not too obvious as yet. I have been building and glazing and as always working over the entire canvas at once, thus bringing it up together. I believe it creates a unity overall.

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Black Jaguar painting

Ok I thought that it time that I should let you all into the building up of my Black Jaguar painting. It is an oil on canvas 20″ x 30″. I have been painting this image for a few months now. Other commitments along with other paintings have managed to get in the way and delay its completion. That said it is now in the final stages, or at least I hope that it is. I have been wanting to see the final result for a good while and it’s now in sight.

So I thought that I would share the earlier stages with you as well as the current position from today’s session in the studio.

So the blocking in is done and the overall values have been worked out. An initial idea with regard to the background and the foreground has been laid in. I have commenced with some finer detail around the head of this most beautiful predator.

Detail of the image above, I have really gone to town on the head and all the main features. I normally do this, because to me if I do not get this initial part right then there is no painting to be had.

this stage sees much more work ongoing with the body of the cat. Whilst I have had a complete change of heart with regard to the surroundings. I have taken everything out and revamped my ideas. we shall see it they work out. I am feeling that they is a good feeling developing with this work.

Well it has been a frustrating wait to have some more quality time on this painting, but today was that day. All frustration over, yes, but getting back into the work was a little difficult after so long a break. Anyway that was not going to stop me and into it I finally got. I developed the cat once more and reworked certain areas that needed further refinement. Though noticeably the greatest change as you will see is the surrounding habitat. I have enjoyed developing the grasses as the relationships of the many values change the foliage, and the light. They is still a lot to and over the next few days I will try to bring it to a successful conclusion. I will however look at it for the next day or so and assess where I need to go and how much more work is actually needed.

I will of course update this blog with he final image and complete this little set of stages in he painting.

Title well hey that’s an idea please feel free to offer me some ideas that I can consider for a title.

Just email me and let me know your ideas.

Best wishes


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Stage three of my Brancaster Staithe painting

Stage three of my small oil painting. It is a short hop on in this stage. Using warm and cool values I suggest light in the sides and fronts of all the boat sheds. I am doing my best to flood the scene with sunlight.

The strength of colour and heavier values are to be found in the foreground buildings.

I have also added some initial green values in some of the vegetation. Even the shadows of the boats were touched with a violet to suggest where I might wish to go later. I will move on now and add the fourth stage very soon.

Bran 3

Stage three of my Brancaster Staithe painting

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Stage Two of my stage by stage painting of Brancaster Staithe, in Norfolk

This is the second stage of my painting in oils of the Boat sheds at Brancaster Staithe in Norfolk. There is not too much to report in this stage other than the fact that I have blocked in the buildings with a mid value cool grey. of cobalt blue and Sienna. I have also used a similar block in for the background trees. The sky was a mix of Pthalocyline Blue Lake and white. All my oils are from the great stable of colourman Michael Harding Oils.

The second stage of my Brancaster Staithe image.

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Stage by stage demonstration – Brancaster Staithe

I have completed many stage painting tutorials over the years, for books, magazines and for online use. Some of these are listed to view upon my website, to enjoy and hopefully gain insight from.

So i felt that it was about time that I created my first demonstration of this type upon my blog.

so here goes the first of many I hope.

The image is of Brancaster Staithes on the North Norfolk coastline. It is a very special little fishing Hamlet tucked away. It was one of many areas that I visited on my painting expedition to the East coast of England a few years ago.

The canvas was treated by painting out the white with an oil based warm tonal value of grey, indeed a value of violet. Once it was dry I sketched upon it with an umber value. The brush used was a number 2 round hog. The mix was heavily laced with C. Robersons Glaze Medium, as it adds to the flow, but dries up very fast allowing for working on to the next stage.

The 16 x 20 canvas was planned quite carefully compositionally, I left items out as I felt they need not be included, other objects may have been moved in order to create a pleasing well balanced image.

So below is the final placement of all the elements within my image, and having checked for issues I have decided to move on to stage two. Should any issues present themselves during the painting process it will easy to correct.

Stage One Brancaster Staithe Demonstration

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Kingfisher study – final


Finished at last

The Kingfisher<

9″ x 12″ + framing


So finally the Kingfisher has now been completed and is drying nicely in the studio. I have measured it properly and can confirm it is a 9 x 12 inch canvas

I tweaked the bird and completed a lot of rendering to the foreground information.

The painting is now up for sale.

I hope that you like it.

9 x 12 Kingfisher in frame

9 x 12 Kingfisher in frame two.

Please leave comments, if you wish and would be lovely if you could subscribe to my blog.

Thank you and best wishes,



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Kingfisher part II


Kingfisher part II

This is my Kingfisher study.

A canvas study 11 x 14 isn I do need to measure it.

Anyway I have managed to do some further work upon it today

Hope that you like the progress


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Kingfisher study – work in progress


Kingfisher study – work in progress

Kingfisher study oil on canvas 9 x 12

This is a small work that is in progress and on the easel at the moment.

It is being designed and painted for an upcoming show at Slimbridge at the end of April.

I will post more images and the final image when complete.

I hope that you like it.


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