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DSWF- Wildlife Artist of the Year competition 2017

” In the Shadows”
  It gives me the greatest pleasure to announce to all my collectors and friends from around the world that my painting called ” In the Shadows has been juried into the final of the Wildlife Artist of the Year competition, being run by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.
  It, along with the other finalists will be on show at the famous Mall Galleries in London between Tuesday 27th June until Sunday 2nd July.
30 % of the sale of this painting will go towards wildlife conservation needs.
It has been a few years since I have entered this competition and its nice to be back in the final and the show once more. I so look forward to seeing all my many friends again at the preview evening in June. – please sign up for my free newsletter
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In the shadows


In the Shadows

Oil on canvas  36″ x 24″

For Sale

This painting is a reminder an encounter myself and Catherine had with a male lion in the late afternoon during a trip to the Southern Luangwa River in 2008.  Lying under a bush by the river in the shadows, I took some shots and did some sketches of the big cat.  The lion, known locally as ‘Grumpy’, was one of three brothers who controlled the area. Not long after our encounter with ‘Grumpy’ we got stuck in the soft sand along the river and it took us over half an hour to dig ourselves out.  As we were digging, Grumpy walked past very close to us, forcing us to beat a very hasty retreat into the jeeps!


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New oil painting



This is my latest oil painting, I need to measure it, but think it is around 18 x 36 inches.

I have under-painted this canvas based upon my sketches using Umbers and Burnt Sienna. I used this method on many occasions in the past, and have recently thought of exploring it once more. Though upon this visit I have gone a little deeper with the details and semi finishing the work as I progressed. It was not my intent, but I enjoyed the process so much it evolved thus.

Those who have seen it, have suggested that I leave it, as it stands on its own as a finished work, for my part I am not so sure… Colour is most likely the next step.

The work is based upon ideas I have carried around in my head since our visit to South Luangwa a few years back. We shared the area with a BBC fim crew, filming a small segment for a wildlife special with Sir David Attenborough. Saw the film later it was great to see.

I hope to post updates as the painting progresses.

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My Latest Painting – Tiger Cub

My Latest Work

untitled shoot-1Young Sumatran

Oil on Panel 16″ x 12″

Handmade gilded frame – Free UK Shipping


More details

I do hope that you have liked my latest painting called the ‘Young Sumatran’ It is one of two cubs bred from rare Sumatran Tigers at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Smarden in Kent.

It was a wonderful treat to see the two cubs playing in the company of mum, I had a great day watching them and enjoying gaining the reference for this and other paintings.

for more paintings by me

SOLD to Private collector

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Latest image from the studio

This study of Herring Gulls, was made from the back of my new home in Dymchurch, I substituted the field for a bank, otherwise it is as I had witnessed them
untitled shoot-1220296A 12 x 16 oil on panel. Two adult and a last summers chick stand in shallow waters near to the Willop Basin birding site. We live very near and have witnessed many  and varied species counts on what amounts little more than a large winter puddle in a field.

It is the second recent image featuring local seabirds and local landscapes. More to follow, in the next few weeks and months. I do hope that you enjoy the painting.

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Latest little study

untitled shoot-1210689

Staying Ahead of the Surf


I had some fun today, I have been watching these little fellas, chasing each other along the shoreline ahead of the advancing tide. Each day as I walk my dogs and sketch book in hand they entertain me. They do battle for titbits with the Turnstones who are equally on a mission. Now I am not a birder as such, I watch and study them, but my waders always elude me….. So if any of you wish to assist me in this matter so that I do not make a fool of myself, so please email me with your suggestions.

So I have completed this little study to see how the values work out along with the composition. The piece is a mere 4″ x 12″ and is for sale right now .. £495.00   Buy Now

I hope to make a second larger version in time. I also love this little study so much that I am going to make a little card from it.

Unframed, packed week and safely, ship free in UK. Overseas will incur some charge, please email me if you wish it shipped abroad.

Thanks for looking,

If you love this little painting then go for it… enjoy it always as much as did painting it.

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New Painting on the Easel

Tiger Cubs

No working title as yet

This is my latest painting in oil on the easel a 16″ x 24″ oil upon canvas 

These two little ones were referenced at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Smarden UK in 2012.

This is after the first few days of work, all blocked in. I am now going to start glazing in details over the next few days.

I shall post as I go, I hope that you enjoy seeing this work evolve to its conclusion.

all not too obvious as yet. I have been building and glazing and as always working over the entire canvas at once, thus bringing it up together. I believe it creates a unity overall.

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Lion Cub Demonstration


Lion Cub

The provisional drawing was transferred and enhanced upon a surface media of 500 grit Uart pastel board. This beige colour allows for me to layer my lights and darks more easily. Then I applied a mix of darks in browns warm tones and greens to the out of focus background.

Day 2 saw me really getting into the eye and facial elements of this tiny little fella. I also extended the background down into the mid ground with lighter and cool values. These were in stark contrast to the background.

Day 3 more of the same I guess, gently forming the cubs coat and rear portions. Showing such tones and contrasts between warm and cool values, subtle changes that mean everything in the rendering. It was very different to using a brush and oils to do the same thing. Dry medium is unique in as much as one places pigment and mixes upon the surface of the work. Whereas in wet mediums one generally mixes upon a palette.

Day 4 saw me finally cover all the coloured ground of the media. As exciting a moment this was, it meant an end to the areas of generalised block in. The real work of refining had begun in preparation to the final conclusion of this painting. As throughout it has been and always will be the tensions created between warm and cool and complimentary values that make my work what it is.

This is the last stage of the painting and the end is well in sight. Subtle changes now take place and in many places will be very hard to spot. Others such as some foreground entities will be more in evidence. Though each change is in its own way significant, however small it appears. This is it then, the lion cub is the offspring of the Lioness above, and I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into my working process.

This work is now to be photographed and made ready for sale. If anyone is interested in owning this little fella please get in contact with me without obligation.

I do hope that you have enjoyed this small demo and insight into how I create a pastel painting.

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Black Jaguar painting

Ok I thought that it time that I should let you all into the building up of my Black Jaguar painting. It is an oil on canvas 20″ x 30″. I have been painting this image for a few months now. Other commitments along with other paintings have managed to get in the way and delay its completion. That said it is now in the final stages, or at least I hope that it is. I have been wanting to see the final result for a good while and it’s now in sight.

So I thought that I would share the earlier stages with you as well as the current position from today’s session in the studio.

So the blocking in is done and the overall values have been worked out. An initial idea with regard to the background and the foreground has been laid in. I have commenced with some finer detail around the head of this most beautiful predator.

Detail of the image above, I have really gone to town on the head and all the main features. I normally do this, because to me if I do not get this initial part right then there is no painting to be had.

this stage sees much more work ongoing with the body of the cat. Whilst I have had a complete change of heart with regard to the surroundings. I have taken everything out and revamped my ideas. we shall see it they work out. I am feeling that they is a good feeling developing with this work.

Well it has been a frustrating wait to have some more quality time on this painting, but today was that day. All frustration over, yes, but getting back into the work was a little difficult after so long a break. Anyway that was not going to stop me and into it I finally got. I developed the cat once more and reworked certain areas that needed further refinement. Though noticeably the greatest change as you will see is the surrounding habitat. I have enjoyed developing the grasses as the relationships of the many values change the foliage, and the light. They is still a lot to and over the next few days I will try to bring it to a successful conclusion. I will however look at it for the next day or so and assess where I need to go and how much more work is actually needed.

I will of course update this blog with he final image and complete this little set of stages in he painting.

Title well hey that’s an idea please feel free to offer me some ideas that I can consider for a title.

Just email me and let me know your ideas.

Best wishes


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