Feeling nostalgic…

Tempest Warriors

After a conversation with one of my students at one of my weekly art classes on how difficult it can be to break into the art world, I began thinking about the beginnings of my career as a professional artist.  Way back in the mid-80’s, I was working in the public sector and painting in my spare time. Luckily, two paintings of mine, Tempest Warriors and Resplendent Rains, were reproduced as fine art prints by Solomon & Whitehead Guild Printers, a highly respected art dealer and printing company.  These two prints were phenomenally successful and kick-started my  professional artistic career. Although the original paintings and print run are now long sold, I  have kept one copy of each for myself, a happy reminder of a really important moment in my life.  I also admit to feeling a little nostalgic about them!

Resplendent Rains

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Cornwall National Trust 2017

Yours truly painting at Botollack from the National Trust Images website

When I was down in Cornwall painting last year, lots of people would stop to watch and chat, while a few took photos of me as I worked. Usually, I don’t hear from the people again and just take the contact as a pleasant part and parcel of painting En Plein Air.  However, this week I received an email by a nice Slovakian lady, Natalia Burianova, who I met whilst I was painting on the side of the cliffs at Botollack.  It turns out that she’s a volunteer park ranger for Cornwall National Trust and she forwarded her pictures of me to the Trust for their Images website.  Natalia emailed me to let me know that these images of me have been used in the National Trust Cornwall 2017 booklet which is available at National Trust Information Centres!  I’m not mentioned by name but I’m delighted that my image was used as I support the work of the Trust in protecting the natural environment.

Painting in progress from the National Trust Images website

This is the painting that I completed during that visit when I met Natalia and it’s for sale at £450.  See website for further details and to purchase.

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New painting video – Evening Glow over Dymchurch Bay

I really enjoy teaching painting at my classes and demonstrations and, with this painting called Evening Glow over Dymchurch Bay, I recorded on video how I created the painting and posted it on my channel on You Tube.  This is now available to view.  The painting itself is still drying but will be available to purchase shortly at £450.  I do hope you enjoy the video!  I’d appreciate hearing your feedback.

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Wet Panel Carriers – Exclusive to Paul Apps Fine Art

As an experienced En Plein Air painter of long standing I have always searched for a way of carrying my freshly painted panels safely and have seen and tried many boxes of different designs and sizes over the years.

Whilst many of them are very good I’ve never felt that one entirely fitted my needs.I have always wanted a good, solid, inexpensive carrying box which I can carry either inside my rucksack or strapped onto the outside which has just the right amount of storage to safely transport a day’s worth of paintings.

So, bearing my requirements in mind, I designed the perfect carrier for my En Plein Air requirements!

These carriers, exclusive to Paul Apps Fine Art, are hand-built of good quality timber and, for strength, the top carrier is English oak.  The carrier is waxed and finished to be water resistant 8UH7 so are ideal for any weather conditions.  Currently, the carriers in stock are 8″ x 10″ (ideal for 8″ x 6″ and 8″ x 10″ panels) but 9″ x 12″ carriers are due in shortly (not shown in image) and these will safely transport panels up to 9″ x 12″.

8″ x 10″ 4 panel carrier £40.00 BUY NOW

8″ x 10″ 6 panel carrier £44.00 BUY NOW

9″ X 12″ panel carrier £50 ORDER NOW

8″ x 16″ Panel Carrier £65 ORDER NOW

Please add £6.00 for postage and packing (UK only).  Contact me for overseas costs.

Alternatively, you can specify the size and number of panels and a carrier can be made to suit your individual requirements.  Pleases contact me at paul@paulapps.com to discuss your requirements.


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Coming to the rescue…

Ready to release the Herring gull…

I was out with the dogs early yesterday morning on Dymchurch beach and found a very sick Herring gull on the sand, probably a female by the size of the head.  First of all I thought she might have been poisoned but there were signs of dog paw prints in the sand suggesting that she’d been cornered and worried by dogs.  It’s likely that she was stressed and exhausted by trying to defend herself.  I thought it best to take her home where she could at least die in peace and dignity rather than being the target for further attacks.

Fighting me on the beach…

After getting the bird home, Catherine and I fed her on dog food (the dogs weren’t too happy!) and also tinned tuna (which was my lunch!) and, by this morning we were delighted to find that she could stand and had regained her strength.  So this morning I was back on the beach early to release her.  She wasn’t particularly grateful for our careful ministrations as she proceeded to attack me and, at one point, the gull was hanging off of my arm!  Still, she’s back with her fellow gulls and hopefully all’s now well.  I’ll keep an eye out though over the next week just in case she’s still in need of help.

And she’s gone.

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A new lady in my life…

As an En Plein Air painter I’m often out and about on the Romney Marsh looking for atmospheric landscapes which inspire me to paint.  Unfortunately, doing this by car means that I miss some of the best views, either because I can’t stop anywhere close or the entirety of the view is obscured from the road.  So I brought a bike! I spotted this old 1950’s styled delivery bicycle in a cycle shop and, with a little care and attention, she’s now ready to join me on my En Plain Air rambles.  I’ve called her Priscilla and she’ll easily be able to carry all my art materials and be able to take me off the beaten track in search of new inspiration. I’ll keep you updated on our adventures!

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En Plein Air Painting Day – 14th May

Painting En Plein Air

Why not join me for a day of En Plein Air painting on the 14th May? I will be painting running a one-day workshop down at Camber Sands, East Sussex and still have a few spaces available.

These workshops are suitable for both beginners and those with some experience of painting En Pein Air.  After meeting at Camber Sands at 9.45am, our day will start at 10am with a short introduction for those new to plein air. This will be followed by a one hour demonstration (feel free to ask any questions!) and then you will have a go. I shall be there with assistance, ideas and tips to guide you along the way.

We will break for lunch at 1pm. Lunch will be at a local pub (you’ll need to bring some cash as lunch is not covered in the cost of the day). At 2pm we will relocate back to the beach to continue our painting. You will be creating a new painting from scratch, putting into practice what you learnt in the morning. At the end of the day, around 4.30pm, you will have two completed paintings and have had a fun and insightful day!

Please bring all the paint and equipment you’ll need and also refreshments (if required). The workshop is mainly aimed at oil painters but I can accommodate and instruct in other painting mediums. Also, bring a cardigan/jumper, although it’s May it can get a little breezy down by the sea (in case of bad weather another date will be set). Email me or call me on 07746 887815 for more detailed information on what you need to bring.

The cost is £65 for the day. BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment.

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DSWF- Wildlife Artist of the Year competition 2017

” In the Shadows”
  It gives me the greatest pleasure to announce to all my collectors and friends from around the world that my painting called ” In the Shadows has been juried into the final of the Wildlife Artist of the Year competition, being run by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.
  It, along with the other finalists will be on show at the famous Mall Galleries in London between Tuesday 27th June until Sunday 2nd July.
30 % of the sale of this painting will go towards wildlife conservation needs.
It has been a few years since I have entered this competition and its nice to be back in the final and the show once more. I so look forward to seeing all my many friends again at the preview evening in June.
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SAA show – creating my entry, part 4

This is the concluding part of my short video detailing the creation of the painting of guinea fowl which I hope to enter into the forthcoming SAA show to be held at Gloucester. I hope you enjoy.  I’ll let you all know whether the painting is accepted as soon as I know, wish me luck!

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SAA show – creating my entry, part 3

This is part three of my short video about the entry that I’m hoping will be exhibited at the forthcoming SAA show at the Nature in Art Museum, Gloucester.  I really enjoyed painting the guinea fowl and I hope you’ve enjoyed the seeing the creative process so far!

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